Heat Insulation


HVAC Insulations

Insulation products are primarily designed to protect and act as barrier. Insulation is required from many issues like heating, moisture, sound, temperature loss, corrosion, etc. 

CF Heat Insulation is another part of CF insulation products, which are mainly used in refrigeration medium system, air duct system, chilled water system, condensed water system, hot water system and all other heat related fields. Aluminum foil or adhesive is designed and applied on the relative products according to customers¡¯ demands to make sure these materials can work more efficiently and properly.
CF heat insulation includes NBR foam pipe and sheet, PE foam pipe and sheet, XLPE foam pipe and sheet and EPDM foam pipe and sheet, which are very popular at both domestic market and international markets.

CF expanded closed cell structure provide an efficient vapor barrier for the prevention of condensatino or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water & refrigeration lines. It also reduces heat loss for hot water plumbing & heating, dual tempreutre piping & solar systems and it projects pipes against corrosion and acts as a vibration damper.